Why Choose Odoo ERP for your business!

ERP is such a system that none of the company can ignore its importance in operating their business. An ERP system is a crucial tool that streamlines day-to-day processes and boosts all over business performance. Odoo ERP is a well-known open source ERP software that offers a variety of business applications to meet the needs of an organization.

On the other hand, in-house ERP software has complex implementation procedure as compared to Odoo development services that are a third party software available to use.

As a wholesaler, you consider managing the inventory as one of the crucial parts of your business. Having known about the right figures of the stock is a must. Is it at the right location at the right time? Without having complete visibility over inventory, it’s not possible to run a retail business efficiently.


Odoo ERP

Odoo application development ERP is an open ERP which means no restrictive charge and rehashing costs. It is incorporated with several modules such as Warehouse administration, CRM, Sales, E-trade, Purchase, billing, accounting, warehouse, manufacturing, HRMS and so on. Hence, it is a complete package of business-related applications.


Below are some of the top advantages of having an Odoo ERP:

1. Customization

Odoo is one of the best ERP software for businesses who wants ERP to be customized according to their specific business requirements. Further, it’s very flexible as its source code is customizable. A company can use ODOO and add their own features for enhancing its functionality and customize it.


2. Open source

It’s free software that means it is free to download and install.  There are no license fees when buying Odoo for your business.


3. Advanced Technology Support

Odoo ERP is built on an advanced and up-to-the-minute technology stack. Therefore, these technologies can adapt to the latest patterns and are also upgraded from time to time.


4. Modular software

It is a highly modular software that has many modules needed to support your business and can benefit from the integrated solutions.

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