What Can Be Revealed In A Background Check?

An employee background check is integral to the recruitment process enabling hiring managers to make well-informed decisions. According to a PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) survey, over 96% of employers in the US diligently conduct employee screening either by themselves or through background verification companies. Employers can garner conclusive data about potential candidates and evaluate personality traits essential for different roles.

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What do Employee Screening Services Entail?

A comprehensive process covers a range of background screening services. An employer can conduct checks for verifying the following aspects of an employee-

  •  Criminal records
  •  Educational background
  •  Credit check
  •  Drug screening (for substance abuse)
  •  Employment history (for experienced candidates)
  •  ID and address verification
  •  Professional references

There’s no prerequisite order for performing screening. Employers have the freedom to select different checks based on their needs, nature of the job, and location. An employer may execute a particular check based on their motivation including criminal, employment history, and identity checks. The biggest motivation for any organization while conducting screening is to safeguard its employees and clients from any potential risk.

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