Understanding Blockchain as a Service

The proliferation of blockchain in every sector has resulted in the demand for Blockchain as a Service (Baas). BaaS is a third party service that manages and creates a cloud-based network for companies developing and operating blockchain applications. Blockchain-as-a-service is based on the Software-as-a-Service model. It keeps blockchain apps agile and operational. Baas facilitates in the backend operation of a blockchain app development. It enables businesses to invest in blockchain applications like cryptocurrency transactions and leave the rest on BaaS for its operations. 


We partnered with Corda to enable our blockchain app developers to develop blockchain apps that work seamlessly across different networks. 


Major players in BaaS space: 

  • In 2015 Microsoft joined hands with ConsenSys to launch Ethereum blockchain-as-a-service on Microsoft Azure 
  • Amazon offers BaaS services with the name Amazon Managed Blockchain. Using this platform businesses can create and manage scalable blockchain networks with open-source frameworks such as Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. 
  • R3 launched a distributed financial ledger Corda 

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