Turkish real estate Amid Pandemic: Should You Invest or Not?

Turkish real estate Amid Pandemic: Should You Invest or Not?

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The Turkish real estate industry is steadily rebounding and stabilizing as the market adapts to the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic. Economists suggest that increasing trends of real estate investment has proven to be the safest strategies to hedge the financial repercussions of the deadly virus. 

With job uncertainty and record unemployment being an unprecedented reality for many, finding a silver lining can be relatively tough. However, it is crucial to remember that in times of uncertainty and fear, there is also opportunity. In this article, let’s analyze how that applies to Turkish real estate investments. Whether that involves renovating your apartment or buying a new property in Istanbul for generating rental income, or other real estate-backed investments.

Why real estate investment?

Louis J. Glickman, a recognized American philanthropist, and real estate investor once famously said that the best investment on Earth is Earth! Keeping that in mind, here are some of the reasons why investing in the Turkish real estate sector amid the coronavirus pandemic can be beneficial.

  • Maintaining savings in light of the instability and volatility of global currency markets.
  • Fixed monthly income through rental yields.
  • Possibility of covering house installments through rental returns. 
  • Availability of long-term financial solidity and security.
  • Year-on-year capital appreciation of properties based on their location.

Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey 

  • The diversity of the real estate market in Turkey makes it one of the most lucrative and attractive industries in the world. 
  • Laws regulating the functioning of the property sector and construction companies focus to safeguard the rights of national and foreign investors. 
  • Due to the possibility of purchasing real estate in Istanbul via verified online listings by real estate consultancies, there is an ease of making investments for foreign nationals. 
  • The benefits furnished by the Turkish government are not only limited to the high ROI and other financial returns but also for acquiring Turkish citizenship by real estate investments. 
  • Turkish contracts signed with developers ensure guaranteed rental yield and profitable returns for resale.

Reasons why investing in Turkish real estate is the best decision amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has indubitably deranged every possible business verticals and has also, to some extent, affected the real estate market. While property rates are holding steady and financing costs are low, this is exactly the time to jump on the bandwagon for obtaining long-term housing profits. We have picked up a few pointers that will throw some light on the current real estate scenarios and why purchasing a property in Turkey is a remunerative investment decision. 

Market strength

Even though the entire financial market has slowed down, real estate is the only investment sector that has witnessed a minimum downtrend, rightfully holding its forte. Compared to other industries, real estate still remains the most reliable, maintaining values in the eyes of both buyers and sellers. Other businesses such as tourism, stocks, and hospitality have taken a huge blow during these hard times. Financial experts are exploiting low market rates combined with lower deal prices for buying new properties in Istanbul.

Pandemic sale

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely gone on for a long stretch but has vehemently produced alarming real estate deals. Individuals have taken advantage to guarantee a stable income that is taking them through financial hardships. On that note, property investors are constantly looking out for houses that are put on special pricing and early investment bidding offers during this period.

Tangible asset

The foremost reality is that properties, lands, villas, and apartments are of tangible nature and do not change over any given timeframe. They fall under the category of non-volatile assets i.e. they will remain the same for years to come as compared to the stock market that is highly volatile and might change drastically overnight. This sense of security makes real estate an ideal and feasible segment to invest in as the value of real estate assets can not be changed momentarily.

Long-term investment

As we all know, buying land or a house is never a short-term investment, rather it is relatively a long-term investment process. Purchasing land or a flat will not bestow immediate profits but it will fetch you profitable yields over a certain period of time. Real estate investment brings high ROI in the long-term, therefore, purchasing a property during this time will be a rewarding future investment for you. 

Time at your disposal

Real estate investors and buyers do not have a fixed time constraint. Since the coronavirus has brought everyone under one roof, it has significantly boosted the work from home culture and online business sales. It has provided people with an ample amount of time at their side which can be utilized to analyze the Turkish real estate market and house listings. Property developers and real estate consultancy inTurkey are putting out unbeatable deals on houses and apartments for sale in prime locations.

Final thoughts

The Coronavirus pandemic has deliberately plagued the entire world. While financial institutions and businesses are struggling to keep up with their operations, it is comparatively a tough time for making safe and profitable investments. In the light of the existing global economic conditions along with the fact that the economic results can not be anticipated with certainty yet, people seek the safest route to protect their hard-earned savings. In Turkey, real estate investment is a secure way to maintain assets and protect funds from unstabilized currency rates or stock markets. 

If you are still unsure of purchasing properties, just drop us a message and our team will get in touch with you. Having years of experience in the Turkish real estate market, we assist property buyers in making smart investment decisions. For more information, connect with our real estate professionals here.

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