Top Seven Myths Around Background Screening Services

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For an organization, hiring an employee is a complicated process. From identifying job requirements for a position to planning recruitment ads and training essentials, the process can be long enough even before the actual screening can begin. Amidst this chaos, recruiters often willingly skip the background verification process to escalate hiring.

Poor hiring decisions can reduce a firm’s productivity and might lead to costly delays and, ultimately, a loss in revenue. According to a study, even single poor hiring can cost a company up to 20 lakhs. Instead of following a herd mentality, an employer’s focus must be on making informed decisions. However, employers still tend to shy away from background checks. Despite the benefits of background screening services, the decision ultimately comes down to some surrounding myths.

To eradicate negative connotations about background screening services,we have debunked the seven most common myths to enable authentic hiring.

1. Background Screening Services are Expensive

It is the most common belief among employers. They regard background screening services as an expensive instrument that they skip for reducing costs. However, they often forget that the consequences of a poor hiring decision can go beyond the cost factor. It can affect a company’s morale and reduce team productivity. Indeed, top background verification companies like Flink provide quality services within an allocated budget. So, instead of being short-sighted, companies must understand the long term benefits of employee screening to prevent future credential fraudulence.

2. All Background Checks Provide the Same Information

Employee background verification companies obtain information about a prospective employee from different sources for validation. Therefore, it is unlikely that they will contain the same data. The verification process, in its essence, remains the same for various checks, which is to validate data about a candidate. However, the aspects verified may vary as per different categories, including criminal records, drug testing, professional experience, and educational qualifications.

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