Tips to Stay Healthy this Winter

The winter season is often fun and exciting with a number of activities. Dining out with your friends and family, partying during Christmas, planning and preparing for get-togethers are all a part of the holiday season. However, these events often keep us distracted and we do not take care of our health. Furthermore, these are all about high expenses, unhealthy lifestyle and disturbed sleep patterns. Weight gain is also a major issue.

Apart from this during winter, people are more prone to develop illnesses and infections. The immune system gets weakened and the colder weather makes people feel low in energy. There is an overall lethargy and we try to restrict our movements as much as we can. You need to have a primary health care plan that covers day-to-day medical needs. Besides, you should keep yourself motivated to maintain good health during Christmas. (Information Credit –

Get Full of Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

It might seem quite comfortable to have unhealthy foods when it is shivering cold outside. However, you should maintain a healthy diet with a healthy portion of fruits and vegetables. If you crave for a sugary treat, you can try clementine. When you get bored of winter vegetables such as perpetual spinach, broad beans or thyme, you can prepare some exciting dishes with these. Hot vegetable soup is the perfect treat to combat cold as well as tiredness of the season. Try to be innovative with the recipes you prepare so that you do not get bored.

Drink Milk for Better Immunity

In winter, you may are at a risk for cold and flu due to a weakened immune system. Milk and other dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese are a great sources of protein. These are good options to keep your immune system better. Your body also can source vitamin A and B12, calcium etc. from the dairy products. These foods will make you feel more energetic as well. Semi-skimmed or skimmed milk is the better option when compared to full-fat milk or low-fat yoghurts. 

Do Not Entertain Your Carb Craving

The winter season tends to increase our craving for more carbs. The reason behind it is that when you consume high-carb foods, the serotonin level maximises. It makes your brain think that you are happy. However, you need to counter this by consuming protein rich foods. If you eat protein-packed breakfast, the energy level will be up throughout the day. Consecutively, you need to maintain the good practice of having low-fat food in the afternoon and healthy snacks in the evening. 

Add Mushroom to Your Chart

Several species of mushrooms have immune-boosting health benefits. It is said to be a natural antibiotic and is available with lots of benefits. Such beneficial properties help in fighting away diseases. So, you must remember to add up varieties of mushrooms to your meals this winter. 

Prepare Foods with Spices

Garlic, onions, ginger and cilantro are the best items to add great taste and flavour to your dishes. Along with adding taste and flavour, these elements also have good effects on your immune system. The key active ingredient present in turmeric is curcumin. This spice is a good element to add while cooking, which can help you combat various conditions like inflammation and heart disease. Besides, it is a powerful antioxidant. 

Consume More Fibre

Soluble fibre plays a major role in reducing the chances of inflammation. It can also improve the immune system with easy digestion. Apples, oats, and nuts are the most important sources of this type of fibre. Besides having an impact on the immune system, soluble fibre helps in decreasing the level of cholesterol and blood sugar and helps in weight loss. A high-fibre diet helps in ensuring good health of your digestive system. It keeps our immune system healthy.

Stay More Active

In winter days, you should sit less and get active. Even if you cannot get out of the home, you can try jogging or skipping at home or stretching the body. In addition, you can stay more active by doing easy chores like washing, cleaning or gardening at home. Along with these light physical activities, you should maintain a proper plan for exercise and stick to it. 

Enjoy the Season with New Activities

It may seem unpleasant to step outside to enjoy in winter. But some new activities like a refreshing winter walk on the beach or in the park with family or friends can help you to enjoy the season to the fullest. A regular walk also can help you maintain a healthy weight and boost the immune system. 

Although these are tips especially for the winter season, you can continue having healthy foods and routine exercise along the year.

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