Things to Know Before Buying a Villa in Istanbul

villa in istanbul

There is a tremendous leap in the segment of real estate development in Istanbul and the lucrative market is drawing investors from all around the globe. Whether it is a modern and full-fledged villa in the heart of the city or a contemporary-styled villa by the sea, Istanbul has everything to offer. The elite housing projects and seafront properties in Istanbul have become significantly valuable for the house-buying populace. To this end, the surge in disposable incomes and investing power of a wider base has notably served to increase the discerning nature of international real estate investors. 

Purchasing real estate indubitably involves making imperative decisions fraught with scaled-up concerns. However, if you are looking to buy home in Istanbul, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Villas are fundamentally attractive projects with higher demands and are quickly taken forward. Start with stacking relatable information about the type of property you wish to buy and analyze your lifestyle requirements. 

You need to carry a detailed rundown of the villa listings and resale properties in Istanbul. In order to purchase it, you should know where the upcoming or off-plan projects are and where you need to go.



As the Turkish government and private builders are investing millions of dollars into the industry, the face of real estate in Istanbul has upscaled par excellence. Before making a decision to purchase villas, keep the geography, infrastructure, and details about the surrounding area in mind.

It is crucial that your neighborhood and locality relating to the proposed villa suitably aligns with the requisites for comfortable living. Satisfactory civic management, clean and decent spaces, and properties with well-ventilated floor plans are relevant factors to consider. 

Developer check

Take a thorough look at the project developer’s history and ensure that they precisely walk-the-talk. It is counterproductive to the intent of purchasing a villa and the interests to fall in line with a property that is not strategically developed.

Make sure that the builder has a credible track record of delivering qualitative real estate projects on time and is a trusted and registered working entity. 

Consult a trusted real estate consultancy in Istanbul

Rely on a professional real estate agency in Istanbul to the best extent possible. A villa is by no means a small investment or an easy decision to make in-roads into an ideal find. It is exceptionally crucial to ensure that the capitals and funds are put in the right avenues. 

A real estate advisor has all-inclusive and intricate ideas of spatial plannings in vogue along with details of the builder’s credibility. 

Most asked questions

What are the perfect locations for buying a villa in Istanbul?

There are a total of 39 districts in Istanbul that spans Asian and European continents. Before deciding to focus on a particular district, we recommend determining the purpose and needs of your investment first. You might be aware of famous tourist and historical districts such as Fatih, Sisli, Bebek, Besiktas, and Taksim but there are several other regions that are actually hidden real estate gems. 

With respect to finding a befitting location, there are expensive and limited options in the city center and an affordable and wide-range of villas’ listings in the outskirts and areas such as Buyukcekmece, Esenyurt, Bahcehsehir, Silivri, and Beylikduzu.

villas in istanbul

Are villas more expensive than buying apartments in Istanbul?

Depending on conditions such as facilities, neighborhoods, locality, year of construction, and quality, the prices of apartments and villas in Istanbul preeminently vary. 

Buying an apartment gets you the ownership of the purchased unit, however, investing in villas entitles you to become the owner of the land as well as the house constructed on it. While property rates can differ significantly, investing in villas is a much bigger and lucrative investment than investing in a flat in Istanbul city center. 

To know more about property ownership, read our full guide here. 

Forest view or sea-view villa in Istanbul?

The most attractive and in-demand area in Istanbul is the Bosphorus on the Sea of Marmara. A lot of holiday home buyers and foreign real estate investors prefer buying seafront villas since it offers serene and breathtaking views of the blue water expanse. Districts such as Beylikduzu, Zeytinburnu, Bakirkoy, and Buyukcekmece overlooking the Marmara sea are ideal locations to invest in villas in Istanbul. 

If living near the coastline is not your preference, you might consider living near the plush green areas including regions near Belgrade Forest. Neighborhoods in Sariyer, Kemerburgaz, Tarabya, Silivri, suburbs of Istanbul would be more apt in accordance with your lifestyle choices. 

Do I need a garden in front of my villa?

Having a private swimming pool or a garden is one of the most desirous and attractive features of the villas in Istanbul. While such key highlights eloquently add to the property buying expenses, splurging a little extra amount doesn’t do any harm. A villa with a private garden multiplies the beauty and functionality of the property and is a straight blessing for a majority or home-buyers and real estate investors in Turkey.

Closing Thoughts

Purchasing any real estate in Istanbul is a lucrative investment, however, you should be aware of locations and the associated capital growth. To shape your decision, start with pre-thinking, pre-searching, market analysis, and final settlement. The first and foremost step when buying a villa is to determine your priorities. 

If you have already started to think about purchasing a spacious villa in Istanbul but need someone to assist in carrying out the hardships, site-tours, and paperwork involved, we are pleased to assist. For more details, you can connect with our real estate professionals here.

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