Swimming Pool Pros Somerset West

Swimming Pool Pros Somerset West
Choose from a vast range of pool solutions
No matter what you need for your swimming pool one of our reps from Swimming Pool Pros can assist you.

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Swimming Pool Pros Somerset West
Address: Heldervue, Somerset West to Strand, 7130
087 250 0840
Website: https://www.swimmingpoolpros.co.za/pools-somerset-west-strand/
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/Swimming-Pool-Pros-109015664620456 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzlOb_lKy4OT4-be0r5Y7DA www.pinterest.com/SwimmingPoolPros

Swimming pool contractor in Somerset West to Strand. Keep your pool looking great all year round. We offer the following services: pool cleaning maintenance, pool repairs and inspections, pool renovation, pool pump repairs and filters, new pool Installations and pool leak detection. Call today for a quote!

Pool Cleaning Service
Get ready to have a pool that looks excellent all year. You can focus on other essential things because our reps will look after the pool maintenance. We'll deep clean your pool every single time.
If you invest in a regular pool cleaning service, it will stay as it is for several years.
We are skilled in handling the following forms of pool maintenance solutions:
Analyzing pool chemical levels
Cleaning of swimming pool baskets, weirs, filters, and skimmer bags
Pool surface vacuuming
Swimming pool backwashing
Dirt and leaf extraction with brush cleaning
Chemical pool treatment
Pool Repairs and inspections
Is your swimming pool leaking from an unidentified spot? Or maybe your swimming pool has a crack. But we have a remedy to all of these. Book a free evaluation to find out exactly what is wrong. You get a free evaluation without spending a cent.
Swimming pool crack repair services
Pool pump repair services
Filter system replacement service
Pool leak detection and pipe repair services
Pool renovations and relining
Pool marbelite and fibreglass repairing
Regular pool maintenance

Pool Renovation
Does your pool appear worn out? Get the elegance of your pool back. Full swimming pool makeover with the help of marbelite, fibreglass relining, and gunite.

Pool resurfacing
Marbelite application
Fibreglass relining
Paving and Mosaicing
Pool Resurfacing (Marbelite and Fibreglass)
Pool adaptations and features

Cracks, discolouration, and blisters are the signs or pool resurfacing requirement.
Pool linings should be done when you see signs of deterioration in your pool.
It takes 4-5 days to resurface the pool linings and once it's done, you can use your pool again.
Pool Pump Repairs and Filters.
Has your pump stopped working or starting to make odd noises? Call us and get it upgraded or serviced the same day.
New Pool Installations.
Give your residence an aesthetic look with a pool installation. Choose any of the materials including Fibreglass, Gunite, and Marbelite to make your swimming pool appear stunning. If you have any questions, book a free estimate now.

Pool Leak Diagnosis
Losing water much faster than usual? Your swimming pool could have a hole. Book a hole detection to discover where you need to fix the leak.
Serving all areas in Johannesburg
We are working in the Johannesburg area with trustworthy swimming pool installation, repairing, renovation, and cleaning solutions. Multiple teams are available in every area to supply free quotations and inspections.
About Swimming Pool Pros
{Swimming Pool Pros is a network of established and vetted swimming pool pros.|We have hand-picked some of the best swimming pool pros and added them to our network.|At Swimming Pool Pros, we have joined hands with some of the most renowned swimming pool pros in the area.|Our network consists of various swimming pool pros and that's how we at Swimming Pool Pros are supplying seamless solutions to our consumers.|{Swimming Pool Pros are working along with various swimming pool pros to offer every service that you may need.|With a network of many swimming pool pros, Swimming Pool Pros can offer you a series of swimming pool solutions. With a vast network of swimming pool pros, we intend to offer a seamless swimming pool service each day. You can find a professional for any job regarding the swimming pool. Talk to our agent on the phone or fill a convenient online form today.

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