Scales in Zimbabwe

Digital Factory Scale Solutions in Harare are the leading suppliers of original weighing scales in Zimbabwe. We repair, service and calibrate meat scales, butchery scales, gold scales analog and digital scales, including other weighing machines. Digital weighing scales are a necessity in many different household and industrial processes. Be it on a production line, a kitchen or part of a research laboratory, high precision digital scales can save your company money, thousands of dollars yearly, by taking accurate measurements.

We are the best scale company in Zimbabwe, Harare and we are affiliated with the following top scale manufacturers in the world:

Teraoka makes and Service digital Scales, Electronic Automated Weighing systems. They also manufacture Wrapping and Labeling Systems, Thermal Printers, Self-Adhesive Labels, Inspection Equipment and related accessories for both the Retail Supermarket Industry as well as the Food Manufacturing Industry.Adam equipment in South Africa Manufactures high precision Laboratory and Industrial Weighing ScalesOHAUS Corporation manufactures an extensive line of weighing scales, lab equipment and lab instruments that meet the weighing, sample processing and measurement needs of multiple industries. They are a global leader in the laboratory, industrial and education markets, as well as a host of specialty markets, including the food preparation, pharmacy and jewelry industriesA&D Weighing is the leading Scales Manufacturerer in Australia and Supplier for Digital Weighing Scales in Zimbabwe. They make weighing Scales for your home or business.Masskot Scale is a South African leader in the manufacture and distribution of digital scale products and process-control equipment.

Weighing scales in Zimbabwe we know today are very high-tech devices. From, Digital Factory Scale Solutions, bathroom scales with Wi-Fi to ultra-high-tech scales used in laboratories, digital scales provide very accurate measures almost instantly. However, the history of weighing dates back to 2,000 B.C. when trading needed a way to assess the value of goods of different sizes that could not be counted. For example, gold nuggets are of irregular shapes and sizes. 

Back then, balances were used like scales and they were very accurate at times but allowed people to easily cheat. It was in the 18th century when the modern new ways to account for mass came to life. Richard Salter invented the popular spring scale between 1760 and 1770. Richard was a balance maker in England around 1770. The spring scale measures the tension exerted on a spring to reduce the weight of an object. Richard Salter's invention is still being used today because they are very cheap to mass produce.

The 20th century brought electronic and digital scale that relies on electronics to measure the weight of an object with very high accuracy.

Scales Types

List of scales in Harare, Zimbabwe:

  1. Laboratory Scale
  2. Hanging Scales
  3. Vehicle Scales
  4. Food/Retail Scales
  5. Butchery Scales
  6. Load Cells
  7. Floor Scales
  8. Animal Scales
  9. Scale accessories

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