Paragliding In Teide National Park | A Unique Journey

Adventure lovers never face a dearth of opportunities while seeking for adrenaline-pumping activities. Planet earth serves as the perfect playground for those who love the thrill of trying something that really excites them. Tenerife is one of the places that deliver excitement to tourists with a range of activities to choose from. Tandem paragliding in the Teide National Park has established itself as a unique aerial journey in all of Europe.


In this blog post, we guide you through the marvelous experience of paragliding from a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Go Through A Scintillating Experience

Giving yourself a chance to fly from Spain’s highest peak is a classic event in itself. It stands as a glorious opportunity to enjoy the aerial view of the largest Canary Island for a good period of over 30 minutes. Thrill-seekers experience a real gush of adrenaline during this journey that gets imprinted as an everlasting memory in their lives.

Paragliding in Teide National Park

Participants filled with zeal and passion do not fear to take the leap as they are the real torchbearers of living an adventurous life. The paragliding flight from the inside of Teide National Park has a different feeling to it because of its features. One of the largest and most visited national parks in the world, Teide National Park is on the bucket list of tourists traveling to Tenerife. The national park comprises Mount Teide, the volcano, and its surrounding area. The summit of Mt. Teide, at 3,718 m, is the highest elevation point in Spain and not every day one gets a chance to glide past the mountain soaking up its grandeur.

Beat The Boredom

A majority of the crowd follows a mundane routine and the lack of adventure in their life causes extreme boredom. But there’s always a chance to make the move and turn the situation around. The knack of trying new things keeps a person refreshed and high on excitement. Adventure seekers very well understand this, which is why they do not hesitate to fly from an altitude of 2300m.


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Flight operators ensure the flyers’ excitement and joy don’t fade away by keeping the flying conditions and equipment in check. Performing the mandatory safety drill before the launch gives confidence to the tourists (mostly who are flying for the first time). When everything falls in place, we get an enthralling aerial journey that upon its end widens the thought process and changes the perception of the flyers. On the backdrop of adventure, one gets to learn lessons of life that surely make a difference henceforth.

Tandem Paraliding in Tenerife

A half-hour flight full of incredible moments capturing picturesque views of the National Park, the volcano, and other scenic beauty of the island. Once the flight lands at its spot at the sea level, flyers are usually at a loss for words as they continue to be in the hangover of flying.


Paragliding In Teide National Park With Kangaroo Tandem

Live the novel adventure of flying from one of the world’s most famous paragliding sites. Our pool of professional instructors ensures a safe and sound tandem flight journey in Tenerife.


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