Maslak: The Business and Real Estate Investment Centre of Istanbul

Maslak realestate Istanbul

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Located on the European side, Maslak is one of the main and most important business areas of Sariyer, Istanbul. It was once a scarcely populated region and was formerly an exclave of the municipality of Sisli. Since Maslak was closer to the municipalities of Besiktas and Sariyer, legislation was formulated by the Interior Commission of the Turkish Parliament that shifted its jurisdiction from Sisli to Sariyer in 2012. 


With recent developments and international real estate investments in Istanbul, Maslak has now entirely become a new world on its own. It is the largest real estate establishment region in the city and stands in close proximity to shopping malls, highways, public transport, sports, and cultural centers. 


The region is also home to scores of administrative headquarters of multinational companies and major Turkish economic and commercial institutions. Maslak is situated in the earthquake-safe zone and is the third most luxurious and premium areas in Istanbul. It directly overlooks the renowned Bosphorus strait and Belgrade forest and the rich premium projects make it a lucrative spot for property buyers in Turkey.


Background and overview of the area

Maslak can be referred to as the Manhattan of Istanbul because of its bustling streets, busy roads, and fast lifestyle. It is hands-down the most lively, advanced, modern, and busiest region in the city. 


The area is strategically positioned in the heart of Istanbul and hosts tens of thousands of locals and tourists alike. In terms of accessibility, residents relish the benefits of being right in the city center. High-speed metro networks and buses make it easier to travel without wasting a lot of time on other modes of commute. The roads are also well-planned and provide seamless connectivity to European and Asian sides of Istanbul.


Maslak is surrounded by modern transportation networks such as the E80 motorways, also known as the Trans-European Motorways (TEM). The M2 metro line is the fastest route that connects it to the neighborhoods and other Istanbul districts. The new tramway line is a promising infrastructure that extends from the Maslak region to the new international Istanbul airport. 


The prominent and striking aspect of this region is that it includes a part of Belgrade forests. The lush green greenwood is reckoned as the lungs of Istanbul and covers a spanning area of 5300 hectares. The forest has many natural lakes surrounded by unique species of plants and trees such as the Mashtal lake.


There are a lot of facilities available in Maslak including top universities and hospitals:

  • Nişantaşi private university
  • Istanbul technical public university
  • MEF private university
  • Sariyer Hamidiye Etfal governmental hospital
  • Acibadem Maslak hospital


Features of Maslak region in Istanbul


  • One of the most prominent reasons for real estate investment is the availability of various means of transports. From bus services to metro lines, Maslak offers easy transit facilities to residents within the city. 


  • The distinctive geographical location makes it an ideal destination for commercial and residential expansions. Maslak is situated close to the important districts of Istanbul such as Levent, Taksim, Sisli, and Besiktas. It is also in proximity to Taksim Square and famous tourist attractions like Bosphorus Bridge and Golden Horn.


  • Maslak is a buzzing commercial, tourist, and residential area, all at one spot. It is near to Vadistanbul shopping mall and Istinye shopping mall, the coveted retail centers in Turkey featuring upscale international stores and brands.


  • The availability of crucial life services and facilities including government and private hospitals offer a perfect and safe lifestyle opportunity to residents. 


  • Maslak is stacked with an array of restaurants, cafes, bars, and food outlets. The exemplary recreational centers provide innumerable options to explore and enjoy. 


About residential and commercial properties in Maslak

Since Maslak is situated in the center of Istanbul city, it boasts massive skyscrapers in combination with modern and smart residential and office buildings. In addition to premium five-star hotels, the region is brimmed with high-rise towers and commercial work stations. 


Maslak is characterized by its stunning skyline and Bosphorus sights and offers a panoramic view of the entire city. The luxurious and high-rise apartments in the area have alluring architectural aesthetics offering high-end living standards to residents.


Another remarkable attraction is the Istanbul Technical University that welcomes thousands of students from different parts of the world every year. It contributes to the overall profitability of the real estate sector as a lot of investors rent out their apartments to students and job seekers.


Real estate investment in Maslak with Extra Property

One of the many reasons why Turkish and foreign real estate investors find Maslak potentially attractive is because of the massive demand for commercial and residential properties. Since the region is a hub of business and cultural opportunities, there is an increasing need for housing and real estate establishments. 


Maslak is essentially like the functioning core of Istanbul, a throbbing region with mega real estate construction projects. With sky-reaching concrete buildings to blazing steel structures, it has everything that makes it a progressive economic and financial business center of Istanbul. 


For property investors seeking to find remunerative investment opportunities in Turkey, Maslak checks all the boxes while exuding profitable real estate sales statistics. Since the area yields high rental returns, capital appreciation, and ROI, the property prices are a little on the higher side as compared to the other districts of Istanbul. However, we suggest purchasing off-plan projects in Maslak as the properties undergo significantly high year-on-year capital growth. 


By and far, the bustling metropolitan region has all the essential ingredients that constitute a successful real estate market in terms of both short and long-term real estate investments. If you wish to buy a property in Maslak or explore other significant regions for purchasing commercial units or apartments in Istanbul, consult our real estate experts here. 

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