Improving Revenues with Amazon Advertising Management Services

The online advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook in 2018 saw them dominate the market with 37% and 20% of the market share. Amazon registered a market share of just 7% at the third spot. While Amazon lagged behind Google and Facebook, its advertising revenue increased exponentially. In comparison to the third quarter of 2017, Amazon's advertising revenue grew by 250% in 2018 Q3.

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Industry experts are of the opinion that Amazon will soon hold a larger share of the online advertising market as more and more brands list their products on Amazon. The e-commerce giant’s appeal among online shoppers is increasing with more than 44% of first-time shoppers visiting the site. So if you run an e-commerce business, an Amazon advertising strategy can maximize your revenue.

Read further to learn how to market your products on Amazon.

Amazon Advertising Management Service Strategy

Following are some basic hygiene measures to ensure a satisfactory ad-performance on Amazon.

Setting a goal

Amazon provides two options to its sellers – improve sales or create brand awareness. The features of its Amazon advertising management services module enable you to target specific customers as per your business goals. You can gauge your success using different metrics according to the goals set by you.  For example, choose Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) as your parameter when you are focusing on increasing your sales. Similarly, for brand awareness, choose impressions.

Choosing the right product to advertise

You must select the most popular products for Amazon advertising management service as they have the best conversion ratios. Ensure their availability and set a competitive price to maximum sales.

Describing the product in a crisp, clear way

Crisp and clear product information on your product page is essential for enticing shoppers to make a purchase. Shoppers respond well to accurate product titles, high-res images, and well-explained features.

Types of Ads

Amazon Sponsored Ads

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Keyword-targeted, pay-per-click (PPC) ads for individual products that appear on search results and product detail pages. Sponsored ads enable you to bid on three types of keywords broad, phrase, and exact, to leverage manual targeting.

Broad Keywords- You can add words before and after the targeted keyword. It generates the highest amount of traffic. For example, "marvel superhero t-shirts" if you sell superhero t-shirts.

Phrase keywords- You have to use the correct sequence of words as they can change the meaning of the query. For example, "black printed polo t-shirts" indicates you sell polo t-shirts. However, "polo black printed t-shirts" indicates you sell printed t-shirts.

Exact keywords- The exact keywords option serves ads to shoppers who type keywords in the exact sequence mentioned by you. For example, if you target an ad for "black t-shirt" your ad will not appear if the customer search "polo black t-shirt."

Sponsored ads provide a tool to gauge your ads' performance. You can keep track of clicks, spend, sales, and ACoS.

Sponsored Ads Best Practices


Amazon sponsored ads enable you to identify keywords with low conversion rates. Flag them as negative so that Amazon doesn't show your ad to shoppers who search for those queries.


Available in manual targeting ad campaigns, Bid+ is a tool to boost the odds of your ad appearing on top of the search results. It keeps your top-performing ad campaigns competitive by increasing your default bid by up to 50%.

Sponsored Brand Campaigns (previously known as Amazon Headline Search Ads)

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Promote keyword-targeted ads of multiple products above, below, and alongside search results. With this type of advertising, you can target three types of keywords to promote your ads. Branded product keywords, complimentary product keywords, and sponsored products automatic targeting keywords form up sponsored brand campaigns.

Branded product keywords are a combination of brand name and the product you sell.  

Complimentary product keywords are a package of individual products that influence the demand for each other and can be sold together. For example, when a shopper purchases shirt, jeans will appear as a suggestion to them.  

Sponsored products automatic targeting keywords are the list of keywords that have already performed well for your ad campaigns.  

You can list up to three products in sponsored brand campaigns to promote them. You can also customize the ads' image, headline, landing page, and test these elements too.

To decide how much you pay for the ads, Amazon uses pay-per-click, auction-based pricing model. The charge is never more than the per click bid amount specified by you. Automatic bidding is also an option for you to optimize your ads for conversion with variable bids.

To track the performance of your ads, you get a reporting feature in sponsored brand campaigns. It displays your ads' clicks, spends, sales, the estimated win rate for keywords, and ACoS.

Sponsored Brand Campaigns Best Practices

Ad Creative

Featuring three products in sponsored ads increases the number of clicks and boosts sales. The structure provided by Amazon requires you to include your products' top benefit in your ad's headline. It is because only the ad's main image and headline are visible to mobile users.


To achieve the most accurate results, try running your ad for two weeks by changing only one variable. The success of these tests become relevant to your business goals.

Landing Page Design

Ensure that your customers reach your Amazon store directly or land on a customized product page with sponsored brands. Try to test how different product pages convert visitors into customers, as well as the order of product display.

Amazon Product Display Ads

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With the main objective of cross-selling or up-selling, these ads are one of the most effective ones. These PPC ads are placed on product information pages, customer review pages, on top of the offer listing page, and below search results. You can also place these ads on abandoned cart emails, recommendations emails, or follow-up emails.

Product display ads use two types of targeting campaigns: product and interest.  

Amazon Product listing optimisation enables you to target specific products and related categories.  

Interest targeting is a behavioral form of targeting based on shopper's interests and covers a larger audience.  

With product display ads, you can choose the in-category detail page you want to advertise on and customize your creative. The reporting tool provides info about clicks, spend, sales, ACoS, detail page views, unit sold, total sales, and average cost-per-click (ACPC).

Amazon Product Display Ads Best Practices


You can target competitor pages, complimentary product detail pages, and your product details pages to cross-sell and up-sell similar products. You can also target related categories to extend your reach to different Amazon catalog related to your products.

Ad Creative

Amazon offers a range of catchy headlines like "Exclusive", "New", "Buy now", and "Save now" to promote your product. However, refrain from making claims like "#1" or "Bestseller" as it may lead to rejection.

Amazon Native Ads

Ads that you can place on your brand's website. Three types of ads fall under this category – recommendation, custom, and search ads.

Recommendation ads are ads you can place in product article pages on your website. Their dynamic nature enables Amazon to populate your most relevant product recommendations based on your web page's content and visitors.

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Search ads appear according to keywords shoppers use to search for products on Amazon or your own website.

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Custom ads allow you to select your choice of products you want to promote and place them on product article posts.

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Amazon Native Ads Best Practice

Native ads can be used effectively just like a call to action button at the end of a blog post or web page. Ad placements are relevant to the content published by you to achieve a high rate of conversion.

Amazon Video Ads

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Ads placed on Amazon-owned sites like, IMDB, Amazon devices like Fire TV and various properties across the web. You can buy Amazon video ads regardless of the fact you sell products on Amazon or not. You can set your ad’s landing page as an Amazon product page, your website, or any other web page on the internet.

These ads are costly and require you to sign-up to work with Amazon's video ad consultants.


Amazon advertising managament services provides multiple options to achieve your desired business goals. You can use them wisely to promote and boost sales and generate maximum revenue.

Amazon provides a wide range of ad types so that you are not short of options. Choose the best type to kickstart your brand awareness and rake in good numbers.

Choose our Amazon Advertising Management Services to boost your product sales

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