Ignite Fitness Greenacres, Port Elizabeth

Ignite Fitness Greenacres, The Atrium Centre, 24 Ring Road, Greenacres, 6057 Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

We have the distinction of over 25 years of international fitness experience, having opened more than 700 clubs in 19 countries, and now bringing all those experiences to the sunny shores of South Africa.

The time is now for huge savings. Become a founder member of our Greenmarket Square Flagship Fitness Club and ignite your best, for so much less.

South Africa has waited a long time for something like Ignite Fitness. It’s unique, it’s innovative and it’s more about the environment that is totally motivating and friendly.

Ignite offers awesome workouts that get results.

It is a place for everyone, as it balances good work ethics and training skills creating a fitness community. We pride ourselves in having the best team of motivators (“workout buddies”) who will deliver unique calorie burning. Body changing workouts that will inspire you to lead a “Fitter, Faster, Stronger” lifestyle.

The Ignite Fitness experience is a true ultimate full body workout.

This is why we are different:

Our “train different” approach offers an alternative to the traditional workout with an array of ways for the entire body to sweat, move and burn differently through a full range of signature classes, specialized equipment, and our defining “Arena” group workout concept.

In order to drive and inspire you to get fit, stay fit and stay motivated our facility design incorporates unique workout arenas. Each arena offers small personalized group instruction workout experiences and has been individually designed and constantly updated to ensure the ultimate full body workout experience incorporating high-intensity cardio, strength, functional & interval training.

All of this at no additional cost.

If one2one instruction is your preferred way to workout, we have plenty on offer with a team of industry leaders waiting to show you the ropes and help you achieve that “beach body” look all year.

For the traditional gym-goers, our “workout buddies” are on hand to ensure you make the most of each visit and maximize your time and beat every expectation you have.

Contact Details

Address: The Atrium Centre, 24 Ring Road, Greenacres, 6057 Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape | Phone: 041 0070918 | Email: info.pe [at] ignitefitness.co.za, Ignite CT: info.nph [at] ignitefitness.co.za  | Website: www.ignitefitness.com | Social: Facebook  Google Map
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