Fatih: A Historic District in Istanbul


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Fatih is an old yet lively district in Istanbul that holds significant importance in history. In Byzantium times, it used to be the main activity center and became a religious cynosure after the Ottomans conquered Istanbul. The district has one of the most beautiful and attractive areas surrounded by picturesque landscapes and plenty of places to visit.  

Once known as Rome of the East, Fatih was originally built on the seven hills. The prominence of Turkish real estate dates back to Istanbul’s earliest times, displaying elements of the city’s awe-inspiring architecture imbued with the history of the country and the people who created it. The eclectic designs of palaces and monuments reflect the fusion of migrants and inhabitants who made this region their home several hundred years ago.

About Fatih

Along with Eminonu, Fatih comprises the old Istanbul peninsula and is often still referred to as the “real Istanbul” or “old Istanbul”. Important historical sites such as the Fatih Mosque and the Byzantine walls still stand tall with pride and delight. It is the largest district in the city and one of Turkey’s focal spots for real estate developments. 

Though it can not be denied that the region was greatly impacted by the Anatolian migration, it has successfully preserved and nurtured its high residential and commercial status. At present, the major chunk of Fatih’s residents belongs to the middle and upper-middle class with increasing interests in purchasing the newly-built residential properties. Most of its regions such as Çapa, Vatan Caddesi, Fındıkzade, and Aksaray are quite cosmopolitan. 


Situated on the European side, Fatih is bordered by the Sea of Marmara to the south, Golden Horn to the north, and Bosphorus Strait to the east, while the western border is demarked by the famous Theodosian wall. In the year 2009, the district of Eminonu, situated at the tip of the peninsula, was merged with Fatih because of its small population. The strategic geography of Eminonu has led it to become the transportation hub of the mainland. The Golden Horn estuary dissects the European side of Istanbul and it is where you can find connectivity for train, sea, and foot routes in and around the entire city. 

Historical places to visit in Fatih

Home to iconic attractions such as Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Basilica cistern and hippodrome, and Hagia Sophia, Fatih was the ruling capital of both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. 

Neighborhoods including Balat, and Fener, known for their Armenian, Greek, and Jewish heritage and gaining popularity as visitors head off the beaten track to unravel the cultural identity and heritage of Istanbul. Gulhane Park, one of the most famous green spaces in the city, also sits within the district, garnering hundreds of visitors and residents each day to the serene location. Some of the famous tourist attractions in Fatih as mentioned as follows:-


  • Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum- Formely, it was the palace of Pargali Ibrahim Pasha, one of the grand viziers and husband of Hatice Sultan’s sister.
  • Suleymaniye- It is the huge mosque complex of the famous Suleiman the Magnificent.
  • Yeni Mosque- The new mosque, that dominates the waterfront by the Galata Bridge 
  • Grand Bazaar- One of the largest and the most famous covered markets in the world that hosts thousands of visitors every day.
  • Spice Bazaar- Located right next to the Yeni Mosque, it is another marvelous Ottoman caravanserai, although not as big as the Grand Bazaar but equally popular among locals and tourists.  
  • Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque- It is located in the Kadirga region, also known as the Byzantine Sophianòn Limin in Greek.

Buying Real estate in Istanbul in the Fatih district

Once a region for the wealthy, Fatih now nurtures a working-class population with a mixture of expats and foreign nationals. It is indubitably a bustling and vibrant district in Istanbul with growing demands for new residential renewals and developments. Real estate in Fatih is mixed and diverse and offers unique living opportunities to locals and foreigners alike. 

The housing market in the district is highly sought-after mainly because of its reputation as a tourist hub. Residential properties are in close proximity to several cultural and historical attractions and have seamless connectivity to the rest of Istanbul. Such is Fatih’s unequivocally developed status, the real estate segment mainly includes properties from resale, off-plan, key-ready apartments, studios, duplexes, and commercial units such as shops and hotels. Considering the popularity of the region, the constant demand for homes evokes optimal rates per square meter as compared to other districts in Istanbul.

Closing remarks

With its extensive historical background, Fatih is a prominent and the most wonderful part of Istanbul. Contrary to common belief, the region doesn’t just present a strong Islamic culture, it has a proportionate blend of western and eastern influences as well. 

Fatih’s strategic geographical position makes it a lucrative spot for property buyers looking to live with the stunning views of the Sea of Marmara, Golden Horn, or the Bosphorus Strait. Whether you wish to own a permanent year-round residence, holiday home, buy-to-let properties for rental yield, or to make a mid-to-long-term investment, Fatih checks all the right boxes as an ideal real estate investment location.

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