ERPLY eCommerce Integration | ERPLY Magento | ERPLY Shopify Integration

Octopus is our proprietary cloud-based ‘bridge’ that supports Erply POS and eCommerce integration. It provides the infrastructure to automatically sync POS inventory data with online sales channels. Octopus ensures that all product updates sync simultaneously with multiple online sales channels as and when products are added or updated. In addition, it automatically feeds online orders into the Erply cloud-based POS system.

Sell on Multiple eCommerce Platforms

ERPLY Magento Integration Enables You to Take Your Business Online

Using 24Seven Commerce technologies, expand your brick and mortar stores beyond the physical boundaries. By integrating your brick and mortar store to online platforms such as your eCommerce website, Amazon, eBay, etc., you’re able to sell your in-store products while making sure quantities and prices stay in synch. 24Seven middleware called Octopus allows you to manage inventory and ecommerce platforms.

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