Benefits of Python Over PHP Web Development

Various app development companies have undergone rapid advancements to make the apps responsive and bug-free. Web application developers are critically evaluating the features and functionalities of an app and accordingly selecting the programming languages that suit their client requirements. We as a well-established app development company use Python over PHP for various reasons. Applications built with Python are far more responsive and feature-rich. 

Our Python app developers create bug-free, feature-rich apps that are responsive and easy to use. 

Let’s explore what makes Python an ideal programming language over PHP.

A top-rated data provider company Datanyze in 2018 stated that the total number of apps developed with PHP exceeds Python but the companies that dropped PHP as development language crossed 136,55. PHP has witnessed a downward trend because Python offers a better alternative to the developers.

Some of the best product platforms that adopted Python are YouTube, Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Spotify, Netflix, and Google.

As per the Stack Overflow research from 2016 to 2017, Python experienced a 27% increase in adoption rate year over year which is greater than PHP.
Apps are switched to Python owing to several benefits including better design, readability, and robustness.


Python v/s PHP





Easy to learn and simple

Popular but losing traction

Adoption Trend

Year over year growth is 27% 

Companies are dropping PHP and switching to Python

Community Support

Massive support from community members and others. 

PHP has a large community since it is open-source but not as large as Python. 

Websites Using Python

Quora, Dropbox, YouTube, Reddit, Google, Instagram, Spotify, Survey Monkey, Bitly. 

Tumblr, Yahoo, WordPress, Flikr, Wikipedia, Facebook. 



Understanding Why Python Is Better Than PHP


1. Well-Thought-Out Design: 

Python has a well-thought-out design in comparison to PHP. Backend programming with Python is much easier when compared with PHP. Python is more flexible in the absence of pre-defined data types of variables. 

PHP is workable only under an experienced software developer while an inexperienced developer may find it difficult to be efficient and agile with the PHP web development. Python is a robust programming language that gets the things right for a developer. It enables the developers to create feature-rich apps easily and effortlessly.

2. Ease of Learning: 

It is comparatively easier for developers to learn Python. PHP and Python have IDEs for Linux, Windows, and macOS but Python is more promising and provides a long-lasting relationship. Python is simple and yet it makes the feature-rich app that is functional to the users. Python web developers can easily find support from the community of developers.

3. Easily Readable: 

Writing programming codes with PHP is messy and complex for programmers with improper indentation. Python enforces programmers to use proper indentation to make the code easily readable and understandable. Easy coding enables Python app developers to easily work on an app developed by different programmers.

4. PHP has a Complex Syntax:

Python’s syntax is simpler than PHP. It enables organizations to work closely with the developers and get their web apps developed without even understanding the technicalities of it. Python’s syntax is easy to comprehend and it involves various symbols and reserved words in it. Python has a syntax similar to the English language in a sense of its usage. Even a new developer can easily understand and comprehend the code.  

5. Simpler, Easily Available Tools Debugging Tools

Pythons debugging tool makes the apps free from bugs/errors. These debugging tools make developers work easier by finding errors and rectifying them timely. Python’s debugger is well-documented and easy to use. 

PHP too comes with a debugger package – XDebug. The debugger is effective but developers working on Python do no need many as many debugging tools as PHP.

Are you planning to get your web apps developed? Selecting an ideal programming language is essential to keep your web apps bug free. We use Python and PHP based on our client requirements. We are a PHP and Python app development company that delivers feature-rich apps to our clients across the globe. 


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